The virus seems to be changing the ways of our scientific communication.

Initially, we were only looking for a substitute to the weekly seminars of the Alternative Biomass / Algae group in FZ Jülich. It was fantastic when Avigad Vonshak, Guseppe Torzillo, and Michael Borowitzka supported this and shared with us their tremendous experience. It was beyond belief that this was further continued, lately by Navid Moheimani, Frank Rogalla and Zouhayr Arbib and that we have a perspective of more talks from Patrik Jones and Tania Fernandes, followed also by more junior scientists in the coming weeks. Last week, we had over 70 participants from all continents except Antarctica!

All of us felt that we need more discussion. Here are the contributions from the Panel Discussion on June 23, 2020: 

Avigad Vonshak

Guiseppe Torzillo

Michael A. Borowitzka

Navid Moheimani

Frank Rogalla

Success and failure in algal biotechnologies

Guiseppe modified

MAB Summary

Navid Summary

Dueto FR_ZA_ summary 5 slides

I contributed by moderating and suggested, very much in agreement with Guiseppe Torzillo, that we may expect in near future great opportunities from practical exploitation of strongly non-linear regulation in extreme conditions of high light, extreme temperatures, and of oxygenic stress. Coincidentally, I gave a Webex lecture on this in early April. 

Here it is:

Ladislav Nedbal

Emergent Phenomena in Photosynthesis WEBEX April 2020


Tania Fernandes

Patrik R. Jones

Gabriel Acien

“Challenges in using microalgae-based technology for wastewater treatment”

“Understanding and overcoming challenges to commercialise biomanufacturing with genetically engineered cyanobacteria” (recorded)

Optimal raceway ponds  (recorded)

Workshop  “LIGHT IN ALGAL BIOTECHNOLOGY” , Nov.12, 2020

A short video documenting our initial struggle with the usual technicalities… 🙂 (psswrd: VpQSAF7m)

Johan Grobbelaar, Dušan Lazár, Anya Salih

Session 1 (123456Ab)

D.Lazár (min.0-31)

P.Mojzeš (min.31-55)

B.Schlagman (min.56-75)

Session 2 (2Mcncj9H)





L.Nedbal (min.60-90)



Session 3 (4BheySt2)

G.Acien (min.0-28)

G.Perin (min.28-63)

M.Carneiro (min.63-75)